Virtual ProtoTyping
Engineering & Design

3D Simulation, Thermal Analysis, Impact Testing, Automation & Training

Improve product quality, reduce costs and shorten product development time through 3D CAD computer simulation and analysis. 

Give your product a competitive advantage.

    Product Development

    • Reduce Prototypes Needed
    • Shorten Product Development Cycle
    • Optimize Design
    • Reduce Testing Required
    • Reduce Development Cost

    Customer Satisfaction

    • Improve Quality & Reliability
    • Improve Product Performance
    • Improve Cost

    Failure Analysis

    • Debug an Existing Design
    • Identify Design and Performance Weaknesses Prior to Build/Production

    What do we do?


    Simulations can improve product quality, reduce costs and shorten development time. Additionally, simulation can also provide detailed insights into the product that would not be easily measured with real testing. 


    Most products today have some components that generate heat which can lead to product failure. We can simulate system thermal performance and electronics cooling with detailed component temperatures and recommend design changes if necessary. 


    We can simulate drop and impact testing to help you identify areas of concerns before packaging testing begins.

    Tolerance ANALYSIS

    We can perform tolerance analysis to ensure that the design is six sigma compliant. Methods may include 2D tolerance stacks, 3D Monte Carlo simulations, and datum conversions.


    We can simulate static & dynamic load conditions across the life cycle of the product, including forces from sliding, displacement, vibration and friction.


    We can create scripts to automate simulation for routine testing by changing various geometry, materials and load parameters. We can also provide training for the user-friendly program interface.


    Why choose us?

    With over 25 years of experience developing a wide variety of industrial and consumer products at Fortune 500 companies, Amin Godil and his team know that simulation and testing has a lasting effect on the product performance, cost, reliability and life cycle. For virtual prototyping, we use generally use Abaqus, a powerful and complete program for simulation. We are also experienced with Ansys and Creo Simulate. You can choose to have us:

    • Work as an extension of your product development team. 
    • Completely own a portion of the product development cycle.
    • Embed ourselves into your organization during some portion of the development cycle.
    • Work as outside consultants on an as-needed basis. 

    Project Portfolio

    Our clients include a range of business sizes from startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

    We are very satisfied with the quality and timeliness of the analysis results provided, which made our product much more robust that it was earlier, I highly recommend their services.